About the Team

Team History

2016 [Team Chartered]
RU Solar is chartered by Matthew Middleton with the aspirational goal of building a vehicle to enter in the ASC. Overseeing as advisor is Dr. Birnie, a solar car pioneer from the early 2000s who joined Rutgers from U of Arizona

2019 [Our First Competition]
RU Solar receives a 2015 solar car chassis from Stanford, jumpstarting donations, team prominence, and the engineering of hardware. The team enters FSGP ‘19, but only finishes 2 of 9 scrutineering stations.

2022 [New Vehicle]
The team rebounds from COVID, moving into the new Project Studio and designing a brand new car; this time built from the ground up by RU Solar. The team visits ASC 2022 to gather photos, interview teams, and lay out a plan for the future.

Present 2024:
Now consisting of 50+ students and over 9 majors, RU Solar pushes forward with a robust SOV for entry into Formula Sun Grand Prix‘24. 

Meet the E-Board

Ahmed Fouad

President & High Voltage Electronics lead

Alex Lee

Vice President & Composites Lead

Saahir Syed


Cy Westbrook

Project Manager

Brian Jin

Mechanical Lead

Anushka Joshi

Business Lead

Gordon Lin

Business Lead

Kelly Vazlima

Aerodyanmics Lead

Anthony Zappone

Low Voltage Lead

Eryn Cohn

Solar Lead

Former Leads

Rosetta Cicero

Aerodynamics & Composites

Bhavesh Narala

Mechanical, Electrical

Anthony Scalia

Mechanical, Business, Electrical

Reid Captain